Our team has over 15 years of industry experience and we specialize inthe following services:

1. Inland trucking: our inland trucking services can be a standalone service or a part of our supply chain solutions. We are able to provide inland transportation to almost any location—whether in Romania, or internationally.


2. Shipping: we ensure containerized cargo transport services: transporting goods in containers of 20', 40' or 45' FCL / LCL for 'port-to-port' type of transport.

Air shipping

3. Air shipping: we offer transportation of goods by air, cargo insurance, delivery door - to - door or airport - to - airport worldwide through our correspondents from the destination airports, road transport from and to airport.

Rail freight transport

4. Rail freight transport: using railroad infrastructure to transport your cargo. We can arrange transport of general goods, bulk material or intermodal containers hauling.

Intermodal transport

5. Intermodal transport: according to your shipping and transportation needs, we can arrange cargo movement through all modes of transportation combined – by air, railroad, ship and truck.

Warehousing solutions

6. Warehousing solutions: through our resources and association with various bonded warehouses and domestic warehouses, we can offer you various warehouse solutions.

Customs clearance

7. Customs clearance: through Wind Clearance (member company of our group), we can ensure assistance through the entire customs process, high accuracy in the completion of customs documents, information on the time required for customs clearance, on site presence of our tax representatives, consultancy on customs and customs formalities. We offer customs clearance for both Constanta Customs Offices: Constanta Customs Office and Constanta South Agigea Customs Office.

Logistics consulting

8. Logistics consulting: we offer the latest supply chain strategies, material handling know-how and logistics methodologies that ensure the success of your projects.

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